GM & GM, Notes Across The North Sea

by Duke21

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This EP contain 5 songs (plus one bonus song) which is the fruit of a recent collaboration with Gordon Midgley, the front man of the prog rock band Napier's Bones and the jazz act - Bowling Tide.
I recall today hearing Napier’s Bones debut on Soundcloud and liking the music immediately. I’ll describe Napier’s Bones as hard core prog rock music with strong 70s vibe and sound — say no more!

Gordon Midgley is a multi instrumentalist but sees himself as a bass player foremost.
I had the honour of collaborating with Gordon on the song Hetland and since then our paths have crossed each other on several occasions.

I'll also like to mention friends Colin Powell and Martin Neuhold which are my fellows in crime on many other songs and projects. Colin Powell and Martin along with Gordon, played a major role on Hamnavoe (bonus track). An epic viking saga which was originally released on the Neuhold Mauseth & Powell album earlier this year.


released November 2, 2016

All tracks were mixed and mastered by Guy Beeri Mauseth on iPad Air2/ Auria Pro except track 3 which was mastered and mixed by Gordon Midgley on Cubase.
See track notes for additional credits.



all rights reserved


Duke21 Narvik, Norway

Bass player, and iOS musician.

* Apptronica artist.

* Member of the Rock group Rude Duke.

* Member of the Celtic Prog Rock group Dun Aenghus

* Member of the rock band/ collab WTMD
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Track Name: Gordon Midgley - Fame
My baby lives for the TV screen, every night she's the same
No fifteen minutes recognition, she wants a household name
She's not above publicity stunts, necessary risk
Sometimes I think she'd do anything, powerless to resist

Real Life takes second place to her fantasies
Coax response from all of us, her accomplices

Fame! A glimpse so fleeting
Fame! Sets our hearts beating
Fame! Nothing she wouldn't do

She been the same for all these years, she don't improve with age
Guess it's the real time buzz she's craving, it beats the written page
Shares the stage with stand-up comedians, we don't see the link
She delivers the same routines, we never stop to think

Real Life a poor second place in her priorities
Gives her public what they want, their wildest fantasies

Fame! A glimpse so fleeting
Fame! Sets our hearts beating
Fame! She's gonna live forever

My baby lived on the TV screen, she starred in her own show
She loved us all beneath studio lighting, enjoyed in every home
Then one day her guard was slipping and an eager press
Printed stories she'd rather hide and On-Air she confessed (Bye Bye )

Real Life a poor substitute for her fantasies
A younger face now takes her place with those celebrities

Fame! A glimpse so fleeting
Fame! Sets our hearts beating
Fame! She's gonna live forever
Fame! Replays her reruns
Fame! An ageless someone
Fame! She's gonna live forever
Track Name: Hetland
A thousand miles still on we go
Said goodbye to all we've known
Heading North, Magnetic Pole

Senses heightened by the cold
Ghostly gleaming, blue the snow
Austere beauty all around us

Frozen landscape, Silent Night
All is calm and all is quiet
Out of nowhere bathed in light

Transported to some other place
Emotions rise we turn to face
Spectral rainbows flowing over us

What mystery?
What magic sight?
Words can't describe it

Banish Darkness
Spirits dance in light
Aurora Borealis